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Azteq Versus the Prowler of the Lonley Woods

Status: Fliming
Role: Jerry
Release Date:Unknown

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Here is an Exclusive Questionnaire for PJ’s upcoming movie Azteq versus The Prowler Of The Lonely Woods! To help raise funds for movie click the link here! Enjoy this Questionnarie we had with the Nicole Holt she is the awesome inspiring person behind this movie that is starring our DareWolf PJ Black. To Nicole Holt on twitter click here! Also Please go like facebook like page for the movie click here to like the page and follow the movie on twitter just click here.

1) How was it work to work with PJ Black
It was great to work with PJ. He is super friendly, follows directions well, was completely prepared, and was really a trooper with all we put him through. Can’t give away anything – you’ll have to watch the movie 🙂

2) Did Pj make the casting or what the process of picking him as one of the stars?
PJ was recommended to us by another wrestler. Since wrestlers are already actors (with AMAZING athletic skills) it was a no-brainer for us to use him in the film, if he was interested.

3) What inspired you make this movie?
Being a huge wrestling fan and horror movie fan, I was immediately interested when I was approach ed about helping making the script into a movie. The script is inspired by the old Luchador movies from the 60s that were highly popular in Mexico. We built upon that idea and modernized it a little bit. My one condition was: We HAVE to use real wrestlers in the wrestling scenes. From that somehow it snowballed into having pro-wrestlers in most of the male scenes. I’m very happy with that.

4)Do you think PJ will be a star for more movies to come ?
PJ definitely has the look and the ability to be a great actor. It is up to him, if he’s open to more movies. I would definitely work with him again.

5)What’s one thing we can expect from PJ in this movie?
PJ will definitely stand out in his scene. It starts innocently enough – a feast for the eyes – and then the Prowler appears…. I’m going to have to leave it at that 🙂

6) When will it be released?
We hope to have the movie ready for release end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. It does take several months to finish editing and we don’t want to rush it.

7)Will it be it be in it be in theaters all world the world?
We would love to have the move in theaters around the world, but that is not set in stone yet. At this point we’re focusing on making this movie the best it can be. After that, we can guarantee that the movie will be on DVD. Depending on what happens after we show it to distributors, the movie might be available for streaming or as a DVD online, or even show up in stores. Theater releases are often just reserved for the big studios with lots of funding to afford the screenings. We will have a local screening in Dallas, though, where we hope to bring back many of our actors in the film.

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PJ will be starring in his first movie called Azteq versus the prowler of the lonely woods. It’s currently filming and from what we know his character name will be Jerry.We also know that it’s a horror movie.I don’t know about you but I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the movie.When we find out the release date for the movie. We will let you know and keep you updated! You can pre-order the movie by clicking on the link provide here.

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Reactions PJ Black South African fighter after participating in the International Tournament Elite qualifiers .

For more information on wrestling and other sports visit

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LUCHA UNDERGROUND STAR – “DAREWOLF” PJ Black AKA Justin Gabriel talks about the Pro Wrestling Revolver debut EVENT 6/10/16! Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane……BECAUSE THE DOOR WAS OPEN!

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PJ recently did an interview with Authentic Culture Network on the inside edge of Lucha Underground

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An exclusive interview backstage with the Darewolf PJ Black






HOME > Screen Captures > Online Videos > Interviews > ” VIP EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: PJ BLACK”

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Check out PJ’s Killer Promo!

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Last night PJ debut in Lucha Undergroud!

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PJ did a new interview and here is is!!

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